Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Grace & Mary & the Blue ballgown.

Following on from the very successful,
  The White Wedding Dress exhibition,
 touring from the V&A last year, Bendigo Art Gallery has hit the fashion stakes again and brings us
The local vintage clothing traders have been getting excited and getting in the mood with the exhibition, stocking up on glamourous gowns.
The Ghost was in town with a visit to his mothers, when over lunch she let out a cry" Hey, thats my dress." And low and behold, there in the Bendigo Advertiser weekend magazine cover story was a beautiful Electric Blue tulle ball gown, with white lace floral trim.  

With a bit of rummaging in the cupboard in the guest bedroom, the evidence appeared.  Mary McKenna in 1961 as Princess of the Ball, in said gown.
With a bit more of a fossick the sash from that evening appeared.

So it was decided to visit Julie's Vintage Clothing Boutique and reunite the sash the dress and the photograph and create a fantastic story.   The dress had been given to a relative many years ago as she operated a clothing and costume hire service.  This had since closed down and the gown had been sold off.
Mary can't quite fit into the dress anymore, but she loved seeing it again and it was a wonderful glamourous, stylish story from 50 years ago.

We at the Castle are proud to have mothers that we consider style icon's.


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  1. Excellent!!! This is why I love vintage clothing... Because it has it's own life story! I've been looking for this article to try and find the name of the other vintage store that was mentioned , the one where she writes little stories on the swing tickets. Can you tell me what the name is and/ or where it is? Thanks and thanks again for your great story