Tuesday, 24 April 2012

In Wonderland. Surrealist Adventures.

Another little bit of luck was on our side and we happened to catch the,
Our hosts were happy to take us along as they had been keen to see this as well. The drawcard of the show was Frida Kahlo and it was exciting to finally some of her work in the flesh.  But the quality of the whole show was amazing and we have discovered a few new artist hero's.

A great collection of women and works, covering many different artistic disciplines.
Many of these women lived very long lives, some are still alive and several made it to over 100.  Must be something to do with exploring the inner mind, as surrealists did.
We recommend that you explore this list of names for some incredible stories and work.  Standouts for us had to be Remedios Varo & Dorethea Tanning, but all of these women were pretty amazing.

We will be campaigning for the NGV to stage this show.


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