Thursday, 18 July 2013

Welcoming Walter.

Melbourne's fashion & design society went into a Walter frenzy this week with the arrival of Mr Van Beirendonck in our fair city to install and launch his "Dream the World Awake" exhibition.  The Belgian Brigade has a whirlwind of lectures and seminars sorted to support and expand on this cultural coup.  This exhibition originally staged in 2011 in Walt's hometown of Antwerp, has been rework and brilliantly installed into the subterranean bowels of RMIT's new Designhub edifice.

Vintage W&LT, something fluro or anything fancy were the order of the day as we collectively dreamt our worlds awake.  And in true Walter style inventiveness, we didn't get a gift bag, we all got a gift beard.  Yes, natty flocked chiffon beard-kerchiefs were distributed for the lucky attendees to souvenir. 

Stay tuned for a little look at the show.


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