Monday, 8 July 2013

Some art in Hobart.

Our travel companion, Bubbles Barmby, directed us to the Bett Gallery on our first evening in Hobart, for the double opening receptions for artists Helen Wright and Raymond Arnold.

Mr Brown & Bubbles Barmby @ Bett Gallery.

Helen Wright presented a selection of practices from painting to printmaking and also filling a pastel pink wall with an intriguing suite of delicate chalky white sculptures.
All thoroughly enchanting.

Raymond Arnold gave us a somber, but engaging show titled "The Pale Show of Life". A meditation on life, death and the wild wilderness of living in the mining hamlet of Queenstown, Western Tasmania.

A wonderful evening of art in a damn fine gallery on a very wet and cold (freezing) Hobart evening.
Look for more brilliant showings @ Bett Gallery,


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