Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Pieces of Eight X Jenny Kee.

We popped into the fabulous Pieces of Eight gallery to take a peek at the latest collection of goodie from acclaimed 70's/80's Australian/Australiana designer, Jenny Kee. This sleek little offering, titled "A New Beginning", sees Kee reworking some of her iconic designs in lush Italian yarn knitwear.
To highlight Kee's work the wonderful Benja Harney of Paperform, has cut, snipped and folded a stunning window display of Australian flora in a style that features prolifically throughout her creations. Topping it all off with a giant pair of red eyeglass frames that have become Jenny's trademark look.

There is also a focus on the work of talented artist, Kate Rohde.  Along with her beautiful resin vessels, she is showing a new collection of fine jewellery, well worth checking out.

Slip into Pieces of Eight at
to see all of this wonderful work and more on show until March 28th.


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