Monday, 19 January 2015

Midsumma Carnival & T Dance 2015.

Melbourne turned on a fantastic day for the opening events of the annual Midsumma Festival, with the Carnival and later in the day the T Dance both going off like a festive cracker.  A colourful and crazy parade of the queer community pranced and danced the day away entertained by all manner bent entertainment.  So off we hurtle into a 3 week crammed full calendar of culture and cavorting all across this great city of ours, winding up on February 8th.


Happy Midsumma.


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  1. Oh, what a fun event!! I loved watching these photographs. Everyone seems to be really enthusiastic. A huge Carnival event was also organized at the domestic Los Angeles event venues. This was a superb event and we all enjoyed a lot there.