Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Tasty times.

The outrageous and irreverent club from the early 90's, Tasty, is about to make a brief return to commemorate the passing of 20 years since their headline grabbing police raid.  Yes it was a crazy, hedonistic hangout of the queer demimonde, but that was no basis for the police to detain and strip-search the 400 odd patrons that attended that night, August 7th 1994.

Info & Coco


Grandpa Acid

Gerard & Mark

Rita & Paris

Boy & Pup

2000 & Campbell

Ahhh.  20 years on and the partying won't be quite so fierce, but be assured that the stories of then will be embellished with the folklore of disco history. 
The Tasty Raid……..anniversary edition..if you dare.

Remembering the funtimes, characters and crazies that made this club legendary even before the police stuck their finger in it.


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