Friday, 14 June 2013

Dining with Mirka.

Mirka At Tolarno Hotel is a very iconic Melbourne establishment.  Taking its moniker from the local living treasure that is Mirka Mora, a talented artist and bohemian whom has called Melbourne home for over sixty years. Mirka and her husband, Georges, opened a bistro on this very site in 1966 and over the ensuing ten years the distinct, whimsical decor emerged.  Since that time and through the hands of several custodians, these beautiful murals have been maintained and even enhanced.

Now a part of the Grossi dining empire, Mirka Continental Bistro, provides a very fine fare in these delightful environs. The Italian styled menu works wonderfully with the exuberant, fanciful surrounds.

Mirka, still a lively force in the St Kilda world at 85 years of age.

Treat yourselves to the delights of great food and sublime interiors at

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