Thursday, 11 April 2013

Mix Tape 1980's.

Remember the 80's?  We do.
But if you feel that you need a little refresher in the finer points of art and culture in this fantastic and creative decade then, as Molly would say, "Do yourself a favour." and head on into 

Mix Tape 1980s. Appropriation, Subculture, Critical Style.

Freshly opened to the public today, April 11 and running through until September 1, this exhibition will bring back the sights, sounds and fashions of a brilliantly creative Melbourne/Australia from some 30 odd years ago.

Of course take a little time to admire Mr Browns contribution in the guise of 
"Eighteen Tragic Martyrs". 
A screen printed fabric length from his Plain Jane fashion label, created in the mid 80s.  Part of the galleries extensive collection of his work from this period.

So grab your Walkman, slip in your own mixed tape compilation and rock to the beat of these fantastic times.


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