Thursday, 21 March 2013

Madame's Itch

Our favourite Madame celebrated seven years of camp carry on in business last Sunday.
Yes Madame Brussels' has been sousing Melbourne's finest barflies for more than seven years, from its terribly fancy terrace and brick roaded/latticed/astro turfed country club interior.
Fronted by that exuberant hostess Miss Pearls and deftly directed by Messrs Chalker and Anderson,
you are generally guaranteed no memory of an afternoon/evening spent here enjoying their generous hospitality.

The "Seven Year Itch" themed festivities saw a cavalcade a Marilyn's for our amusement and fulfilled one of Miss Pearl's childhood desires, with her bursting forth from a large, pink iced cake and breathily renditioning Happy Birthday, in an appropriately tasseled turnout.

Peek-a-boo Pearls

Refreshments, En Gelee, how now, how wobbly. 


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