Saturday, 13 October 2012

Boy George @ The Hub.

Boy George's DJ gig at the Melbourne Festival Hub site, on the banks of the Yarra river just by the Princes Bridge, saw a busy selection of party people and assorted gender benders come out to play.  Along with his cohort Marc Vedo, George had the floor filled and even treated us to a couple of live vocal sessions, bringing out the Klub Kid in all of us.

The Hub venue.

George is to make another appearance at the Hub today (Saturday 13th October) to pay tribute to Melbourne born image/identity illusionist, designer and performer Leigh Bowery.  A figure crucial to '80's and '90's avante garde art, music and design.



  1. Fantastic shots! I run the BG fansite Cyber Chameleon ( &, of which one of the things I do is a magazine called cyber-esque. Could I please use some of the pics you've put up here in the next magazine? Will credit you and the blog of course... Adrian (

    1. Hi Adrian, thank you for the request. We are more than happy for you to use these images for your site and magazine, as you are happy to credit us. Thanks and regards Mr Brown & The Ghost @ Nic-nak Castle.