Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Nip/Tuck @ Hamer Hall

After two years in the infirmary and $135 million worth of concrete cosmetic surgery, the bandages came off last weekend and Melbourne was treated to a four day celebration to welcome back that musical bunker known as Hamer Hall.  With a ginormous bunch of hot pink Glady's as a welcome back bouquet, The Arts Centre was abuzz all weekend long.

Saturday evenings celebrations saw that home grown chanteuse Tina Arena (or as we love to remember her Tiny Tina) invited home to do the honours as first solo concert in the freshly tweaked auditorium.
At the kind invitation of Janet Whiting, President of the Victorian Arts Centre Trust, The Castle joined the party and inspected the spectacular new look centre.  

It was a fine affair with everything fresh and sparkling and the even crisper acoustics delighting one and all.


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