Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Celia Birtwell.

David Hockney's "Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy" 1970/71

The Castle with Celia @ Westbourne Grove.

The Ghost with Celia in her shoppe.

Many years ago whilst on a worldly working adventure, the Ghost was fortunate enough to secure employment in a print works in West London, Ivo Prints.
It was here in this bespoke textile printing factory, that he first met the delightful Celia Birtwell.
She would arrive with arms full of silken fabric to be printed with her shining stars or her curious 
little creatures.  She would follow her printers, Mark & Matthew, up and down the printing table with a pot of golden ink filling in all of the missing little spots.
One of this worlds most beautiful and genteel women, Celia Birtwell you are a star.


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