Tuesday, 26 July 2011

We love a soiree.


Fiona Scanlon & Slatco.

Lady Van Tilburg & Sir Geyer.                                                                 George.     

Gareth Sansom & Christine Healy.

Christine, Lucy & Bob.                                                           Jane-Anne & Peter

The Maids.

                                                                                        Mr.Brown & Christine Barro                       

Jenny Bannister & Mongoose

John & Pat.

Pussy & Deborah Thomas.

Happy Birthday Puss.

Last Saturday saw a fabulous soiree thrown by Peter & Christine Barro for the enigmatic
 Pussy Aboud.
A collection of his nearest and dearest were gathered from all over to celebrate with him.
Mr. Brown entertained with a speech recounting several highlight of Pussys last 60 years.
A fine and dandy time was had by all.



  1. You glamorous lot put Paris to shame - happy birthday to Pussy it looks like it was a galor-ious evening X victus

  2. Great work boys!!!!!!